Well, *casually walks in like I’ve been here the whole time*. It’s been a little while since I’ve had some time to myself for this little blog. I’ve been working a lot (understatement), my babies have been on school holidays and I’ve been busy, busy, busy with a pencil behind my ear and a cup of tea in my hand while attending Pip Lincolne’s Blog school. Oh, and we got married! So needless to say, I’m a little behind on all the basics; like showering etc… Anyway, what better way to get back into the swing of things and christen this new blog-y space than with a cup of tea? Or maybe even breakfast?! As part of our course Pip has asked us to write a little post titled “Tea with me”. It’s a bit of a mini interview to share a bit about our blogs and ourselves with our class mates and her usual lovely readers over at Meet me at Mikes. So from right over here towards the back of the class, here it is!

1. name, state and a bit about what you do on a daily basis.

My name is Kirilee, but you can call me Kiri, unless I’m in trouble, in which case you’d better call me Kirilee Rae! On a daily basis I * takes a deep breath * wrangle my three little fox babies, get about in a very unorganized manner, drink a lot of tea/coffee (from pretty cups), read, go to university (where I read a lot more), go to work (where I sell lots of menswear), write, garden and craft about.
2. favourite things to do- I like to (when I get a minute to myself )- read, be crafty, play with my babies, watch/look at/ learn/make pretty things. Or sit with a comfy blanky and a bowl of ice-cream and enjoy the peace and quiet (while it lasts).

3. favourite place to be- Home for a change!

4. favourite things to eat/drink – Tiramisu, coffee and tea (I’m sensing a caffeinated pattern!)
5. favourite inspirations – Pretty crafty blogs/ magazines, sarcastic undertones, gin and tonic, good books, lovely music, determined people and quiet places.

6. something i want to know more about – Theoretical physics, algebra and time travel.
7. some favourite blogs – Bleubird, Our Multi Coloured Life and Meet me At Mikes (of course)!

foxes love loganberry hunters


It’s been in the works for a little while now, but I’m excited to announce that my friend Stacie; designer//artist//creator has just unveiled the website and blog for her newest creative venture. You can find it here. What you’ll see is a sneak peak into her creative world. Loganberry Hunters is her design practice which showcases her seasoned and refined skills and her ability to create perfectly unique little pieces packed with feeling, sweet personality and a tea-pot full of talent. Her designs are intricate, flawless and eye-catching and she possesses skills across a broad range of media. She’s leant these skills perfectly to a number of different projects and exhibitions and has her clever, crafty fingers in a number of creative pies. Be it with textiles, ink, jewellery, stationary or paint the girl has talent. She’s the face behind my lovely new blog display picture and put her heart and hands to work in creating our stunning wedding stationary. She has some up coming exhibitions and is available on her website for creative projects.