Delicious baked breakfast goodness.

Delicious baked breakfast goodness.

Thanks to an idea from the lovely lady behind, Indie and I had a super delicious, (paleo friendly) late breakfast that included eggs from Indie’s very own birdy!

Baked breakfast for two

2 x eggs
2 rashes of rind less free range bacon
1 Truss tomato
1 Spanish onion
1 tbsp coriander

Lightly cook the bacon, tomato, onion and coriander in a small pan. In two ramekins, distribute the mix, bacon first. Crack an egg over each portion and bake at 200c for 20 minutes.

I guiltily, ate the last of Indie’s while she went for a nap…yum!



A few weeks ago we jumped on the Paleo diet bandwagon. After two days of my body withering and shaking in defiant  protest; withdrawing from its solid 22 year addiction to processed, sweetened and milk soaked foods, the absolute bastard of a hangover-esque headache going on behind my eyes cleared and I felt flipping rad. I had it bad for a few days though while the horror sunk in of knowing I’d no longer smell delicious, butter soak banana bread waft around my kitchen. I eventually ceased clawing at the bed sheets and dry walls and stopped scowling at my friends whilst they enjoyed the luxury of milky tea. And it did feel great, I felt better in the morning when I woke up, you know, like the scene in Cinderella where the bluebirds help her dress in the morning (except I bet she ate cake), and I felt less tired and sluggish after eating. Unfortunately, one week later, one shopping trip with one particularly moody little fox, and one spoonful of delicious, sweetened, milky frozen yoghurt to the face and I was right back off the band wagon for a three day wild bender. Having recovered enough to reclaim some yoghurt covered dignity we’re trying again, this time with a little more research into ways to make it easier to eat well (when I barely have time to eat at all), and a new found determination thanks to my week of feeling awesome. However I will admit, due to my penchant for all things dairy and coconut flavoured, I’m going to have to avoid being in the vicinity of a frozen yoghurt bar for the next few weeks at least, that is, if we haven’t been banned already…



We finally have eggs (or ‘Googah!’ as Indie, my girl fox calls them). Not one but three (four if you count the one Indie ate) amazingly, perfectly oval tear drops of pre-embryonic goodness! Now the question is, after what seems like an age of sharing our en suite with chicks and ranting about “those blood baron birds” taking up valuable yard space, what the heck do we do with the goods? Surely after all this time, an ordinary loaf of banana bread, or a simple omelette would taste like a letdown… No, it needs to be something orally orgasmic to be worth cracking these shells… But what damn it?!!

Chai me!

Chai me!

Chai is by far my favourite tea. Don’t get me wrong I adore a plethora of different tea, but there is something about chai that calms me down, especially after an evening with a particularly cranky toddler.

When I was younger my uncle would make big batches of home made chai tea based on a recipe he picked up whilst living in India. He would bag the dry mixture up in Glad sandwich bags and distribute them around the family. I didn’t like it at first, it was far to strong and miles away from the sugary concoction I was used to, but in time the smell of it brewing away on my parent’s stove was a comforting escape; these were sandwich bags of exotic wonder! Since picking up the recipe myself I’ve tweaked it a little over time but no matter how I make it, the same familiar and delicious smell fills the kitchen for the evening.

Today’s mix:
2 cups of whole milk
3 cardamon pods
half a cinnamon stick
2 cloves
Vanilla bean (or 1 tsp of essence)
2 teaspoons star anice
3 teaspoons black tea leaves
2 teaspoons honey

Throw it all together in a small pot, sit continuously to boil then strain.

Crafternoon Tea.

Crafternoon Tea.

I have wondrous friends, who on special occasions (births, weddings etc) produce amazing, handmade gifts as if from thin air. Obviously they’re wickedly talented humans and organise their time much better than I, and their finished products are so filled with love, because obviously they’ve put so much into them themselves! So I’ve decided handmade is the way to go, unfortunately I rarely find the time to make breakfast let alone make actual, lasting, pretty things (other than my babies of course..) Thus crafternoon tea is born! Or “craftea” as my best friend likes to call it. It’s a rare and wondrous occasion that occurs when both my small foxes are sleeping at the same time! I think a weekly “craftea” time slot, complete with baked goods, delicious tea and ridiculously talented friends might be in order.

operation chicken ovulation.

ImageOver 6 months ago now, my oldest fox’s preschool took part in a nesting project. They were given an incubator and around twenty eggs. After some patient waiting, little chicks hatched and set up camp in a tank near the class room.

The little ones watched the chicks and learnt to be very gentle, and lovingly care for the birds. One morning while I was dropping Halen at school, the teachers were offering up the chicks to good homes before the rest were shipped off back to farm they left as mere birdie embryos a few weeks prior. A very quick and clucky (ha.. get it?) call to my fiancée later and I walked out with a small cardboard box packed with three tiny chicks and child like enthusiasm for delicious, delicious garden laid eggs. Boy was I miss lead. Six months later and still no eggs, damn it chickens, it’s time to earn your kitchen scraps!

This week I’m launching operation bird ovulation! With extra food (soaked in coconut milk), new bedding and time spent every day frolicking around our garden these birds are bound to surrender their eggs to me, mwahahaha! If this fails I’m doomed to set up a life sized cardboard cut out of Ryan Gosling in m garden, let’s hope it doesn’t come to this..