operation chicken ovulation.

ImageOver 6 months ago now, my oldest fox’s preschool took part in a nesting project. They were given an incubator and around twenty eggs. After some patient waiting, little chicks hatched and set up camp in a tank near the class room.

The little ones watched the chicks and learnt to be very gentle, and lovingly care for the birds. One morning while I was dropping Halen at school, the teachers were offering up the chicks to good homes before the rest were shipped off back to farm they left as mere birdie embryos a few weeks prior. A very quick and clucky (ha.. get it?) call to my fiancée later and I walked out with a small cardboard box packed with three tiny chicks and child like enthusiasm for delicious, delicious garden laid eggs. Boy was I miss lead. Six months later and still no eggs, damn it chickens, it’s time to earn your kitchen scraps!

This week I’m launching operation bird ovulation! With extra food (soaked in coconut milk), new bedding and time spent every day frolicking around our garden these birds are bound to surrender their eggs to me, mwahahaha! If this fails I’m doomed to set up a life sized cardboard cut out of Ryan Gosling in m garden, let’s hope it doesn’t come to this..


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