A few weeks ago we jumped on the Paleo diet bandwagon. After two days of my body withering and shaking in defiant  protest; withdrawing from its solid 22 year addiction to processed, sweetened and milk soaked foods, the absolute bastard of a hangover-esque headache going on behind my eyes cleared and I felt flipping rad. I had it bad for a few days though while the horror sunk in of knowing I’d no longer smell delicious, butter soak banana bread waft around my kitchen. I eventually ceased clawing at the bed sheets and dry walls and stopped scowling at my friends whilst they enjoyed the luxury of milky tea. And it did feel great, I felt better in the morning when I woke up, you know, like the scene in Cinderella where the bluebirds help her dress in the morning (except I bet she ate cake), and I felt less tired and sluggish after eating. Unfortunately, one week later, one shopping trip with one particularly moody little fox, and one spoonful of delicious, sweetened, milky frozen yoghurt to the face and I was right back off the band wagon for a three day wild bender. Having recovered enough to reclaim some yoghurt covered dignity we’re trying again, this time with a little more research into ways to make it easier to eat well (when I barely have time to eat at all), and a new found determination thanks to my week of feeling awesome. However I will admit, due to my penchant for all things dairy and coconut flavoured, I’m going to have to avoid being in the vicinity of a frozen yoghurt bar for the next few weeks at least, that is, if we haven’t been banned already…


4 thoughts on “Paleo-rific!

  1. Haha – this made me laugh. I’ve been there dammit! I’ve got a pretttty sneaky recipe for “icecream” that might be right up your alley Kiri! Pop a few frozen over ripe bananas in a blender – with a dash or two of coconut cream/milk that has been in the fridge and add whatever you like cinnamon, cocoa etc. and watch as it turns to this amazing ice creamy delight. Seriously, that shit is bananas… see what I did there?!

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