Invisible Corn Bread.

I baked corn bread a few nights ago, yes, I know, corn bread is a little old fashioned. When I announced to my parents that I had a ‘thing’ for it, my dad declared “cornbread? Wha like back on tha fah-rm?”. But it was for a good cause; to encourage my babies to eat their delicious, homemade vegetable soup. However, when I put it on the table, my boy fox declared loudly that the only thing he hated more than vegetable soup was corn bread! Epic balls up on my part.

So over a tedious twenty minutes at the table I finally convinced him to try it before his bath. He conceded, on the promise that if it was as gross as last time he’d spit it back on the plate. As I suspected he loved it, unfortunately by this stage, Mum and Dad had eaten the entire loaf (also, epic balls up, as it was totally off our eating plan). Thus there is no photographic evidence of said corn bread, but I assure you, it was my best yet.

Hey Pa, lookee what Ah made!

1 x cup wholemeal four (plus extra for dusting pan)

1 x cup polenta

1 x small sprinkle of salt

1/4 cup of olive oil

1 free range egg

1/3 cup black and white quinoa

3 tsp baking powder

1 cup preffered milk fluid

1/4 cup of sugar (can be left out or substituted for honey but for kiddies I find it’s for best results…)

Bake at 210 for 20-25.


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