Coming along.



We’ve hit a bit of an organisational stand still recently. We’ve taken care of the big things, photography, catering, celebrant, The Dress, the designer, the camping and our beautiful friend just sent me the final works for the invitations she’s making us (they’re amazing). So with all the big things under the belt, we kicked our shoes off. Unfortunately now I’m back at uni full time and Andy is working away a lot and studying his masters degree part time, we have basically zero time and a huge list of things literally titled ‘worry about in a few months…’ Well it’s been a good few months since we started the ‘Pre-Wedding Spread Sheet of Doom’ (I’m marrying an engineer, we had a ‘pre-birthing ward’ spread sheet, if it’s worth doing in this house, it needs a spreadsheet..)

So naturally instead of being productive, I’m panicking. Has anyone out there done this before? Any hints on how to get the “It’s not too late to elope” idea out of my mind? What did you find helped? Or is it a lost cause? Everyone has been so hopeful thus far, especially the designer, she sent me some photos recently of just a few of the things she’s doing for us and I must admit, although I haven’t previously been the wedding “type”, I got a bit excited.


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