Macramé Madness!

In the style of my academic career, when the going gets tough; I make or bake. I throw my hands up in the air and put my craft face on, and then I put my hands on my face in a Munch-esque style and panic. On the last day, I get two out of 24 hours of sleep, and throw my assessment across the finish line, collapsing in a heap behind my computer and declaring loudly, “Well, I’ll never do that again” until of course the next assessment is due.

So today I’m making lemon syrups cakes, they’ll be flipping delicious, because every ounce of effort I should be putting into my sociology paper is going in to these sweet little babies; brace yourselves, they’ll even look delicious. Last week, in the lead up to session starting I crocheted an entire blanket. Totally worth it. On the very last day I actually did the crucial thing and set up a makeshift study in our spare room. Between the two us, we’ve been at uni a total of ten and a half years and built up at least two rooms worth of books, robots, Rubik’s cubes and white boards; you’d think we’d have a proper study.

So today I’ll also finish the little cat I’m sewing for my friend Nikki’s new baby girl, Alice. They’re coming to stay for the weekend while the daddy’s are away on a buck’s night. I’m getting ready for some lovely company, delicious food, group breastfeeding and a healthy dose of Sex and the City.

Until than I think I might try Macramé, I recently inherited a few beautiful hanging pots from my Nanna and Mother in Law, I’m promised it’s super easy, anyone tried? Or maybe I’ll go all Bernard Black and fashion a coat out of my study notes? Or call my Ma? Or watch Black Books?! Or maybe I’ll write anther blog? Two in one day? Flip-balls, something important must be due next week…



Can’t be too hard/time consuming, right?


Told you, awesome.


A makeshift Nerd Nest


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