Baby wearing

It’s taken me three babies and six years, but recently one of my amazing Mumma friends introduced me to the world of woven baby wraps. I’ve always been a baby wearer. I used to rock a hand-me-down Baby Bjorn in high school with my first baby, and then progressed to the ring sling with my second, but the woven wrap is without doubt my favourite and most convenient method of baby carrying. My only problem now is, I have no idea which wraps to buy! I’m using a borrowed ‘Solly’ baby wrap and it’s great, but it’s not sturdy enough for my baby fox now he’s getting bigger. He can still cuddle up and sleep comfortably but I can feel his weight is starting to stretch and pull the fabric. Any suggestions? Does anyone have a wrap they swear by? There are some beautiful wraps out there and I want to be sure I’m getting the right one.

I started wrapping this time round when my two year old decided that every time we leave the house is the perfect time to make a break for freedom and run off on some wild, Rug Rats-esque adventure. Not cool. Terrifying. I was constantly running after her with baby in pram. The pram’s slow and she’s super fast; it just wasn’t working. Now when I chase her, I don’t have to mess around knocking innocent civilians out of the way with my massive eff off double decker pram; I just take off and he comes along for the ride. Today I rescued one of our chickens from our Bull Terrier’s enclosure with a baby wrapped to my chest; he didn’t even notice. It was pretty bad ass baby carrying. Any awesome baby wearing stories out there?Image


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