a day for cake.

Today was a day for cake. Delicious, fluffy, creamy cake. Apple & sour-cream layer cake with cream cheese icing to be exact.

When I woke up this morning I knew I’d have to fuel myself with something to make up for all the sleep I’ll be missing out on over the next few days. Our week is totally packed out; the cricket is on (yay!), I’m wrangling all three children alone while daddy is away for work, I have a few lovely catch ups on the horizon (which I don’t mind knocking myself out for), we have a wedding this weekend and I’m studying ’till all hours to free time up in the day to fit all this in AND I’ve just been informed that tomorrow is ‘book day’ so I have to make a costume…

Daddy has been away three days now, and boy do our babies know it… So to distract and cheer us all up, and to celebrate my second HD for the uni session we made this cake. I’m yet to actually try it; I’m waiting until all the babies are in bed and I can have a cup of tea, put the cricket on, hit the books and comfort eat, but I’m told it’s pretty amaze-balls delicious.


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