Focussing on the positives.

After dealing with, and blogging some negatives from our week, I feel I need to balance myself out a little with some of the lover-lier things from our days.

Firstly, appreciating greatness

This week has been pretty full-up, and despite the fact that all day yesterday I thought I’d lost a day; it’s only Wednesday. I was having a particularly stressful day. Putting together some uni work and trying to reason with a two year old that physics just wouldn’t appreciate her jumping on a trampoline with a cup of milk in hand (and neither would I).  Then I got a message from a friend asking for some help with a bake sale. Firstly, I love baking so yippee! And secondly the proceeds of said baked goods are to go to a charity organisation her partner works for in PNG that’s aim is to discourage violence against women. We’re winning all round here. Baked goods and human rights, I’m totally in. But this really got me appreciating the efforts of this girl. Firstly, she’s a Mumma, a time restricted, busy women who dedicates her days to caring for her children as it is. But regardless of her hectic schedule she’s still taking time out for others, volunteering her efforts to help support and encourage the support of others. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Secondly; a kindness and some cupcakes

Back to the battle of the uni work load, in which I realise it’s Monday and I haven’t finished Friday’s lecture material, and Monday’s work has already come through. Enter the panic stage, in which I continuously sigh, pull my hair back and occasionally although not intentionally resemble Munch’s ‘Scream’. However shortly after entering this phase, a friend showed up with a batch of home-baked cup cakes for my babies. Not only were they amazing, but they made for some ridiculously happy foxes. To top it off, upon leaving she produced an armful of delicious “study-food” goods to get me through the text-book filled nights this week. A small act to her, maybe. But it put me back on top for the week and got me feeling pretty blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Thirdly; some lovely mail

Enter my barely-standing completely not-waterproof mailbox. In the last week, I’ve received two pretty fantastic pieces. Firstly a postcard from a friend who has recently migrated to Cape York (the very pointy looking tip of Australia). This postcard made my day. It featured two little smiling local kids on the front, and a big long chat on the back about her bare-footed, bush living, ant eating journey thus far. It sounded amazing and it was just like talking to her in person. I got a little bit jealous of her plans to travel through the Savannah and around the Gulf to the Northern Territory, and was ridiculously happy to hear she’s enjoying her new found love of living off the land. Secondly came the delivery of my favourite magazine, addressed to the “Bohemian housewives club member” and sent to me from my very best friend, as a birthday present. Needless to say, I’m becoming very fond of our ready-for-the-heritage-list mail box. With the promise of a long-winded letter from another lovely friend on the way, I think I’d better go buy some stamps (who am I kidding, I have a draw full, just in case). It really is an art worth rekindling.

And lastly; the times they are a changin’

This week I walked outside and within a few minutes I was sneezing. Who is this weirdo? But really, I am that inhaler sucking, nerd whose skin cells rise up in warning at the sound  a barking dog. The jasmine vine I planted when we moved in just a year ago is in flower. Everywhere. It smells amazing and its little buds of pink and white are making me stupid happy. All the flowers we planted over a year ago are coming into bloom. I’m ridiculously happy that my usually more so, brightly lacquered red thumb is slightly green after all. It’s even getting warm enough to play outside. Today we sat in th sun away from the computer for a while. I completed my readings for the day and had a cup of tea  while baby fox kicked about with his bum in the air, cooing away. We will be doing it again tomorrow.


One thought on “Focussing on the positives.

  1. I enjoyed the read(: I am a new mother of a 8 month old little girl. I enjoyed reading how you found yourself in enjoyment. How do you reside in peace? I find it hard to enjoy self and my daughter, and just basically my day. I have such high expectations of who I think I should be. Which ties me down, therefore I don’t move at all. So to feel your freedom in this post was up lifting. Thank you.

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