A face full of awesome


The last week or so has been dominated by uni work all round. We’ve both been swamped with assessments. And with Daddy-o being away for work a bit lately, we’re falling behind. On top of a teething baby fox and a “big girl toilet’ training girl fox, come Saturday we were in dire need of delicious food. My fiancé cooked an amazing dinner on Saturday night of bbq-ed steak with French lentil and chickpea salad. For desert, to accompany the election converge I packed up study early and cooked banana cake topped by coconut icing (with help from the little ones, of course). They had to go to bed before it cooked, but we woke up to the sounds of little chairs scraping across the floor, so little hands could easier reach the goods sitting on the bench. Their initiative was rewarded with banana cake for breakfast (hey, it’s Sunday). I on the other hand left them to their cake and took my coffee back to bed along with some toasted, gluten free vegan bread (neither of these apply to my dietary preference, but to understand just how awesome this bread is, you need to understand that it doesn’t contain any of the conventional “bread” ingredients) with a huge helping of honey. You can find it here.


Today I found myself studying demographic trends in lesser developed countries and longing to be outside. Coming from someone who hisses and threatens disintegration in the sun, this is new. My email notification pinged and it’s a note from my mother in law describing her exciting Icelandic and Scotland adventures, I got a little bitterly jealous. I’m getting to the point with uni work, where instead of counting things I’d rather be doing, I’ve narrowed it down to things I’d rather not be doing, which is pretty much anything that involves torture or listening to Tony Abbot speak (which could be considered one in the same…). There are so many things I want t do, but not enough time to do the things I have to do as it is.

So in an attempt to boost my concentration and nourish my body a little better at a time when I need it to be at its best, but don’t have time to look after it the way I should; I’ve decided it’s time to start taking better care of our eats. We eat pretty well, but our babies could use a few less “treats” here and there, and when they do, I want to encourage them to be as healthy as possible. At the same time, I refuse to be too hard on myself when I have them in a healthy eating routine, only to find a grandmother stuffing gummy bears in their faces.


On Sunday I cooked Vegan samosas for dinner, they were pretty fiddly but delicious. I also made raw mint patties for desert while our beautiful baby foxes set up camp playing together in the lounge room. Having said that, I think I may need to take smaller steps with the baby foxes, who, after I made them a yummy and nutritious meal, polished off half a Cole’s meat lovers pizza… each. Ah well, small steps.

Did I mention I had the best facial of my life on Saturday?  After a week at home with all three little foxes, and daddy away, I started unravelling a little towards the latter half of last week. My first major assessment of the uni session was due Friday, and a few stressful all nighters had me a little referenced out. On Saturday morning daddy and the babies dropped me off for a facial and massage. It was amazing. Everything .The music continually playing reminded me off Elizabeth Bennet running through the fields of Pemberely , and there was a huge pot of lemongrass and honey tea boiling away in the corner.



That’s a bum. Wearing home-made panties.


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