I know “wedding Wednesday craft day” isn’t supposed to be until tomorrow… But today I just couldn’t help myself. I was super excited to start making these babies I even let my tea go cold! And if there’s one thing I love more than putting my craft shoes on and getting busy with the PVA, it’s a nice cup of tea. So obviously this was seriously fun Craftea wedding work.
I’ve been deliberating over what diy decorating to settle on for the reception for as long as I’ve been obsessed with the beatiful and eclectic pictures in every wedding mag and blog I can get my glittery fingers on. Which would be since, oh, a week before we got engaged. And with an article I wrote being published by Off Beat Bride, today I got just the buzz of wedding excitement I need to get me moving. I’ve decided I have decoration anxiety; I’m so particular about what I like, and I see so many beautiful ideas every day that I’m considering a self imposed wedding media ban. Why can’t I have all of the super sweet wedding cakes?!
With just on two months to go, it’s time to get to work on the finer details and bits and pieces I was so excited to work on when we got engaged, but didn’t have enough space to store for months in the lead up. Last night I whipped up a prototype, and perfected these dream catchers today. I love them. I had a beautiful big one my parents bought me when I was young, and I wanted them to look like it. But they don’t they look better. I recycled lace off old clothes and tore up old curtains, table clothes and wheat bags to make these very-recycled chic little beauties. My dad even twisted up the frames from old wire for me. They required nowhere near the wizardry I expected them to, and I was able to knock four together in just a few hours while the babies played. If you’re lucky I’ll even post a tutorial. Any ideas on what might go nicely with these?


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