Places to study- changing scenery

Yesterday I piled the babes in the car and drove 2.5 hours (3 if you count the two drive-through stops and my minor wrong turn) to Sydney. After some agitated city driving, and a little too much Faith No More, I was feeling like an angsty teen all over again. We’re here so I can finish my major assessment for Sociology and the babies can play by the sea. It hasn’t been as easy as I expected. There is a good deal of over excitement going on, and sickness at home is prompting an early return. But this morning I watched the sun come up, and all the tiny little boats in the harbour spring to life. The babies and I went for a 6.30 jog for coffee and sat by a little beach on our way home; I studied and the babies napped. My biggest fox splashed in the rock-pool through the day and I’m 55% of the way through my book. It’s been busy but nice.


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