foxes love loganberry hunters


It’s been in the works for a little while now, but I’m excited to announce that my friend Stacie; designer//artist//creator has just unveiled the website and blog for her newest creative venture. You can find it here. What you’ll see is a sneak peak into her creative world. Loganberry Hunters is her design practice which showcases her seasoned and refined skills and her ability to create perfectly unique little pieces packed with feeling, sweet personality and a tea-pot full of talent. Her designs are intricate, flawless and eye-catching and she possesses skills across a broad range of media. She’s leant these skills perfectly to a number of different projects and exhibitions and has her clever, crafty fingers in a number of creative pies. Be it with textiles, ink, jewellery, stationary or paint the girl has talent. She’s the face behind my lovely new blog display picture and put her heart and hands to work in creating our stunning wedding stationary. She has some up coming exhibitions and is available on her website for creative projects.



Foxes of late – some photographic evidence of the busiest week there ever has been

A super lovely, crafty mumma fox.


My lovely friend Stacie made this picture for my blog! Isn’t it amazing?! I mentioned it to her one day after she’d already spent weeks working on creating us the most beautiful and creative wedding invitations I could possibly imagine, and the next day she sent me this! She is a super talented craft machine. aesthetically we must be on the same wave length or something, because I adore everything she creates, and anytime I’ve asked her for something, she’s come back at me with exactly what I’d hoped for, but even better than I’d imagined. A little birdy told me she’s working on her own label right now, which I cannot wait to see.

many hands.

It’s all happening wedding-wise round here. All the niggly little last minute bits and pieces are starting to come together. Once again I’m overwhelmed by the crafty, clever and helpful people around us. In the last week busy hands have been diy-ing all over the place for us. We’ve had fruit picking expeditions for yummy citrus, and family kitchens rife with the sticky sweet smells of cooking and candying fruit. The sewing machines are in overdrive and so is my brain, buzzing around with all this crafty goodness, and end of session assessments crashing together on my to-do lists. I’m so lucky to have such creative, clever and helpful people around lending there skills!