A super lovely, crafty mumma fox.


My lovely friend Stacie made this picture for my blog! Isn’t it amazing?! I mentioned it to her one day after she’d already spent weeks working on creating us the most beautiful and creative wedding invitations I could possibly imagine, and the next day she sent me this! She is a super talented craft machine. aesthetically we must be on the same wave length or something, because I adore everything she creates, and anytime I’ve asked her for something, she’s come back at me with exactly what I’d hoped for, but even better than I’d imagined. A little birdy told me she’s working on her own label right now, which I cannot wait to see.


many hands.

It’s all happening wedding-wise round here. All the niggly little last minute bits and pieces are starting to come together. Once again I’m overwhelmed by the crafty, clever and helpful people around us. In the last week busy hands have been diy-ing all over the place for us. We’ve had fruit picking expeditions for yummy citrus, and family kitchens rife with the sticky sweet smells of cooking and candying fruit. The sewing machines are in overdrive and so is my brain, buzzing around with all this crafty goodness, and end of session assessments crashing together on my to-do lists. I’m so lucky to have such creative, clever and helpful people around lending there skills!

As far as family celebrations go, this Father’s Day was where it’s at. Instead of the usual running from one set of grandparents to the next, we spent the day together, just us and our babies. We had a low key morning at home, a delicious lunch out, a play in the park and a trip for milkshakes. There was no stressing over having lunch set-up at a certain time, no one calling to tell us we were running late and no cleaning up before people arrived and after they left. In short, we didn’t waste the day putting on a show, we just spent it together and enjoyed ourselves and our babies.

We woke up in normal Sunday style; with a girl fox wrapped across two thirds of our bed; managing to kick both of us at once, and the sounds of baby giggles and coos coming from the cot. Daddy cooked breakfast while we played with the chicks and the ‘Teapot’ dog in the yard. We booked a table at our favourite cafe for lunch. I had a yummy peanut, coffee shake with wheat germ and daddy had pearl couscous, and we helped ourselves to little one’s left over zucchini frittata. We took our post-lunch bowls of coffee outside and sat on picnic blankets in the sun before a walk to the park.

Our biggest fox was pretty excited to show us the card he made and coloured at school especially for Father’s Day. It had a super hero coloured brightly on the front and on the inside he’d written ‘toaSooperdooper(insert tiny, bum shaped love heart here)dadxoxox, with absolutely no spaces. He even bought a father’s Day present early in the week from a fund raising stall at school, with money he’d earned doing chores for his nan. He was so excited he made me wrap it up so he could hide it at the end of his bed; I think it took all of his will power not to give away to his step dad what it was. He is the sweetest.

Amidst the chaos

This month is proving ridiculously busy, even by my standards. Here are some shots from a lovely and surprisingly relaxing (despite having six kiddies in the house) weekend with friends.


On Friday night we had a peaceful night away at Nanna and Grandpa’s farm, lots of lovely walks, flower picking, horse feeding and studying. Then on Saturday two of my lovely friends came to stay for the night with their babies. All daddies were away on a Buck’s so we had six very excited babies in the house and three very tired Mummas. Once we counted down all six to bed we had a lovely night of wine (from our recent wine tour), delicious home cooked food, chocolate, cheese and Sex and the City. It was bliss.


Foxes of late

Things have been out of control around here lately. With the uni session taking off, daddy working away all the time, school projects and some brand new teeth for the littlest fox I’m starting to feel like I’ve been left behind. One thing’s for sure, and that’s that this blog could use some serious tender lovin’. So here are a few pieces of late.Image

1) My beautiful mother in law knew I had a masive workload, she bought us a home cooked dinner and some wild flowers from the front paddock, she also took our washing home, and the baby for a walk so I could study.


2) She’s into everything daddy does.


3) Our littlest fox is always so happy, teeth and all.


4) My close friend is getting married this month! We ventured out for a day of ‘flapper themed’ independant winery tours, this place had some serious old-world charm.


5) My fiance is my favourite cook – Vegetarian breakfast at home with friends.


6) A trip to the sea


7) He’s a wonderful brother, he teaches her so much!


8) Playing in the backyard at Nanna and Grandpa’s, we’re getting married here, it’s beautiful.


9) An evening outdoors, by the fire with friends and mulled wine.